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Chateau Vista Farm's Mares

From the best of bloodlines...


Chateau Vista Farm, LLC prides itself with owning the finest mares to produce quality foals for the sport of show jumping. Our mares are treated like queens living in their own large stall for comfort with each phenomenal mare having their own semi-private turnout paddocks as well. Quality breeding is at the heart of Chateau Vista Farm philosophy and we are committed to the enhancement of North American breeding by producing top international warmbloods for the future. Below are just some of the broodmares residing at Chateau Vista Farm and is not a complete listing of mares we have in our program, to see more information on their past and future offspring feel free to check the Foals page under the Breeding link above.


CVL Sunshine

Firing Line xx X Posh xx

Current Mares

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  Chateau Vista's Ulania Tournerie

                          CVL Ulania Tournerie  "Lania"

        Dollar de la Pierre X Diamant Rouge II X Tanlas

Competition Experience: 1.30m

Height: 17.1hh


Chateau Vista's Bliksem

CVL Bliksem  "Electra"

Consul ISF X Sauce Boat xx X El Khobar xx

Competition Experience: 1.20m

Height: 16.1 hh

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Chateau Vista's Sunshine Line

CVL Sunshine Line  "Solara"

Firing Line xx X Posh xx X Royal Roberto xx

Competition Experience: Maiden Level Race Winnings

Height: 16.2 hh

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Chateau Vista's Dewshine

CVL Dewshine  "Daphne"

Leelanau xx X Denouncer xx X Gold Crest xx

Competition Experience: Claiming Level Race Winnings

Height: 16.3hh